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Top 3 Strategies To Improve the efficiency of your roof's energy use

Jun 28


A rise in energy costs is inevitable when extreme weather conditions occur whether in summer or winter. Extended use of heating and cooling systems can easily translate to more than a home's worth of dollars.

There are many methods to lower energy bills in your home, making sure you are focusing on energy efficient roofing is the most effective, as the roofing is the primary line of defense against the elements.

Proper Attic Insulation

A fairly simple and cost-effective method of making your home more energy efficient making sure that you have sufficient insulation.


Attics that aren't well insulation will not give your home the protection that it requires to stand up to extreme temperatures and save money on energy. This is particularly true for older houses that have less insulation than houses built in the last few years.


Although adding insulation to a poorly insulated attic will bring some benefits but it is crucial to be aware of the appropriate quantity and kind of insulation to be used.

Cooling Roof Coating

A cooling material or coating can be added to your roof in order to improve its energy efficiency. For this purpose you should contact roofing contractors in santa fe new mexico.


Anyone who has worn black clothes in the summer sun can appreciate the effects of dark hues in retaining heat. Similar principles apply to your roof: the darker the roof it is the more heat retained. New Mexico roofing experts can apply a coating on the roof, like cool roofing paint to lower heat retention.

Coating your roof will reduce heat energy costs, increase protection against UV and waterproofing and can also extend the life of your roof.


Also, replacing aging roof shingles can give you more sun protection. There are a myriad of cooling options, and each home is unique. Advosy can help homeowners determine the best roofing option.


Energy Efficient Roof Materials

While adding insulation and roof cooling materials are inexpensive and easy choices that will significantly improve the energy efficiency of your roof, there are times when you'll end up with roof replacement as your only alternative. Energy efficiency is a major factor to think about when you're considering the possibility of replacing your roof home.


There are a myriad of energy-efficient roofing materials you can select from. Metal roofing is a more cost-effective option than shingle and can help you save significant cost over the lifetime of your roof. Roofers Santa Fe nm who are adept at installing the roofing material you choose are crucial.


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