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How to Lower Your Insurance premiums with a new roof

Jun 3

A new roofing system can make your home appear new and fresh. On the flip side it's hard to beat an old roof to bring down the overall feel and look of your home.

Unfortunately, one among the casualties of a damaged roof is going to be your budget, due to higher premiums for insurance. The old age of your roof has an impact direct and substantial on the cost of insurance which is why it's in your financial best interest to get a new roof installed once it begins to age and make your premiums rise to the level you will not be able to sustain.


Shield Roofing is all about sharing our knowledge of everything roofing related to assist our neighbors and friends in other areas. In this endeavor, San Antonio local roofing company came up with the following tips on how installing a new roof could lower the cost of insurance:


The insurance for your home's owner will only Grow With the Age Of Your Roof

Your homeowner's insurance is determined by a variety of factors that all boil down to how likely it is that your home will require you to submit an insurance claim. This is determined by the age and quality of your home's various systems.


Since your roof accounts for the majority of your home , and the wear it suffers can lead to other issues like structural damages, the wear and tear of your roof can significantly impact the insurance premiums of your homeowner. Try to get a jump on the roof replacement requirements before they cause your premiums to jump in turn. Here's a list of some typical age ranges for common roof types:


  • Asphalt shingles: 25-30 years

  • Concrete tiles between 35 and 50 years.

  • Metal roofs: 30 to 45 years.

  • Rubber (EPDM) roof: 30 to 40 years.


The investment in a new roof Could lower your monthly insurance costs

You've decided that the roofing needs to be replaced. Just thinking about the cost of the work may put you off having it completed in the promptly as you would like. Don't let the initial price dissuade you.


This cost is more than compensated by a lower cost of insurance. Your roof will not last forever, and it may be difficult to budget and plan for the replacement. We're confident that the savings on your bill will be well worth the effort. Feel free to call professional cheap roofers near schertz tx for assistance and guidance.

Look To schertz roofing contractor For A New Roof

Are your roofs in good shape? Are you concerned that your homeowner's insurance policy will reflect the condition of your roof? If so, give schertz roofing contractors a call now and ask about our roof replacement service. We'll provide your home with the latest, best-quality roofing that will cut down on cost of insurance from the beginning and provide you with many, many years of dependable service.



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