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Avoid Planting Trees Quite Near To Your House

May 31


Trees are the most beautiful jewels of any landscape. They are gorgeous features which can protect your property from the heat of Florida. But when it comes to maintaining trees on your property, there are a few aspects to think about for the health and safety of your property and family in the long haul.

As lovely as trees can be, their roots can cause structural damage if they're expanding under the soil too close to your house. Trees could cause exterior and roof damage in case they are located close enough to cascade over your home. These and many other problems could occur if your trees are not properly planted. You can avoid all of these issues by following proper  Lawn Worx tree planting guidelines to ensure that there is enough space between your trees and your home.

Trees that are not properly planted can result in structural damage to your home

Trees can cause structural damage in several different ways when they aren't planted properly in your yard. Some of the problems that you need to be aware of are:


  • The greatest danger to your home comes caused by tree roots that are large. Trees are gentle giants, but they require the right amount of space in order to grow their large and extremely robust roots. Roots of trees can grow under your soil regardless of how much space they are given. This is the reason why they often cause structural damage to structures. Poorly planted trees can break the sidewalks, driveways, and even the foundations of homes.

  • Uncarefully planted trees can result in roof damage and obstruction of gutters. The limbs of a tree can rest on your roof when it grows too close to your home. When branches that hang over your roof scratch the roof, they may accelerate the erosion of your shingles. When your tree sheds leaves and branches, they will end in your gutters. This could affect their drainage function and cause the roof to be damaged. All you have to do is help and guidance from tree removal Georgiatown.

  • Branching up can damage your home's exterior. Tree branches and twigs can cause cosmetic damage to your exterior home when they grow, and can scratch against the paint. Only a professionals who provide tree removal services in Georgetown will assist you on this subject.

  • Dead trees could cause injury to your loved family members. If they fall at the wrong moment, dead trees can cause safety hazards for the family members of your loved ones.

How far away from your home should a tree be planted?

How far to trees you should keep from your home? There are some basic rules to follow when you plant trees, in order to ensure they are kept away from your home. These guidelines can help you keep your trees safe from potential harm. We suggest that you plant trees from 10 to 20 feet away. The exact distances at which a tree should be planted from your residence include the following:


  • It is best to plant large trees that can reach 70 feet or more than 20 feet from your home.

  • It is recommended to plant medium trees which are less than 70 feet tall and are 15 feet from the home.

  • Small trees with a length of less than thirty feet should be placed 10 feet from your house.

Contact the professionals

For any further questions or assistance for assistance or further questions, feel free to call tree service in georgetown Ky. You will get the best solution you've been looking for.


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